How to create your own password stealer using VB.NET

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own password stealer using Downloads: The recovery files + code.txt (which include the code written … source

How To Make AutoCorrect in

see . i still make vb tutorial because now my urge to make tutorial sort of back in this tutorial i will showing you how to make AutoCorrect . you Continue ReadingHow To Make AutoCorrect in

how to randomly typing keys with VB.NET (as seen on TrashurPC)

How to randomly type key like MEMZ and TrashurPC code: Dim rn As New Random Dim i As Integer = rn.Next(0, 9) SendKeys.Send(i) music by … source

How to make window randomly moving (as seen on TrashurPC)

code: Dim rn As New Random Me.Location = New Point(rn.Next(0, My.Computer.Screen.Bounds.Width – Me.Size.Width), rn.Next(0, My.Computer.Screen. source

How to Scan all files on your computer with

here how to get all the list of file on the computer so you can encrypt it you need bunch of listboxes and timers code: music by … source

5 solutions pour sécuriser votre site WordPress contre les attaques.

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