Codango®, Translated: What Does Codango® Mean?

What Does “Codango®” Mean?

The word Codango® is “Coding” in the Nyanja (Chinyanja) language, also known as Chewa (Chichewa) after the largest tribe speaking it. It is a Bantu language spoken by over 15 million people in Southern Africa.

“Come on, really?”, you say? We kinda figured you wouldn’t believe us. Google translate screenshot below:

Codango® Translated means Coding...

True story!

Now (of course), because of a little rift between us, and a joint venture from the backers of both Google and Facebook, the translation no longer shows up this way. Or, it may be because we trademarked the word Codango®. Codango® in Nyanja translates to Codango® in English. As well as Spanish. And German. And Thai…. and on and on and on.

So, the cat is out of the bag. We are all about coding. And coding is taking off like a jet fighter scrambling to a dogfight. Furthermore, its impact is being multiplied by the influence known by most as the IoT – the Internet of Things. We like to know what it is made of. How to make it, sustain it, and take it to the next level.