Income Statement and Affiliation/Partnership Disclosure

Affiliates / Partners

Codango™ has numerous relationships with various vendors that market products and services that are of a certain benefit to Codango™’s visitors, followers, and otherwise customers.

On occasion, we offer an endorsement or testimonial of these same vendors’ products and services in the form of publishing online rankings, reviews, or other informational posts.

We make this information available to you 1) because the FTC says so; 2) we know you’ve lied in bed at night thinking to yourself “wow. I wonder how those folks at Codango™ can afford Doritos® on Fridays?”.

Truthfully, it is for you, the consumer, in case you are in the process of comparing brands. On those occasions where rankings or comparisons between vendors are being made, Codango™ will NOT use it’s affiliation or partnership to sway your opinion of said products or services to favor affiliates or partners. We believe that products and services’ merits are based solely on that – their merits. If a service offering or product simply sucks… we’re going to say so (but probably in a nicer way than that).

Codango™ WILL on occasion publish sponsored posts or insert links on request from various vendors, in an effort to:

1. Generate revenue for Codango™ (Yes, they pay us!)
2. Inspire traffic for that same vendor (And hopefully, business!).

Codango™ makes this same service available to any vendor with those same goals.

If you are making comparisons among brands on the basis of price or features, we will take care of the accuracy of this content, in an effort to make sound and fair (“apples to apples”) comparisons among the various brands you are reviewing or endorsing. If we feel as though that is too hard to do, we will often refrain from publishing that information.


How does Codango™ make money? It’s simple. We purchased an extremely high-quality laser color printer, and…


Codango™ makes money in a few ways:

  1. Services – various customers pay us to do different types of work for them. We sometimes do fixed-fee work, and sometimes do hourly work. It really depends on the size and scope of your project.
    1. Domains / ‘Domaining’ and Domain Registration Consulting: So, you want to be the proud owner of, and need to know how and what to do? We’ve been here hundreds upon hundreds of times.
    2. Web Hosting Services and Consulting: Every web site has to reside on a host of some sort. We know this industry like the back of our hands.
    3. Web Programming / Development: We’re polyglot full-stack developers. We can create every element that is involved with a full-blown web site / web application.
    4. Web and Graphic Design Services: We know how to integrate your artwork and corporate logo, into a web site design.
    5. Security and Technology Consulting: We’ve been working in both the security and technology realms literally for decades. Do you need a security audit of your web site? An onsite inspection of your HIPAA processes and information handling?
    6. Training and Process Documentation: We are suckers for automation and processes. We believe in the intimate relationship between efficiency, and a positive bottom line.
  2. Affiliate Product and Service Sales
    1. Effectively, whenever someone visits our web site and clicks on a link that has been customized to track visitors to that vendor’s web site, we get credit for the conversion… i.e., the sale that takes place.
    2. An example of this might be our host DreamHost. Not only do we have servers hosted with them, but we also brag about them a bit, and insert links, making it easy for our visitors to sign up, and host with DreamHost. Then, DreamHost pays us millions of dollars for the lead. Okay, not really. We get a few dollars for the lead. It’s actually kind of sad, but it adds up. We have a similar deal with less than a dozen other vendors. We actually have dozens and dozens of affiliate partnerships, but we push only a small handful.
  3. Sponsorships and Advertising
    1. Ads: “Hey man, if we like, give you money, will you put an ad on your site, pointing to our site?”. Yes, we get those. We’re generally receptive to those kinds of arrangements – if your web site has something either directly, somewhat remotely, or something in between, to do with coding… such as programming, development, DevOps, security, hacking, things of that nature. We’re not interested in associating with porn, terrorists, fashion, used cars, animal adoption, nipple piercing, or tattoos.  Or anything else you can think of, that isn’t about coding.
    2. Adsense: We make a not-so-enormous amount of money with Adsense. In fact, we make barely enough per month to cover the first drink on dollar draft night at your local VFW.
    3. Sponsorships: We communicate with some of the sharpest, most inspired people in our industry each and every day. Some of them like us, and like what we’re doing. They pay us to publish articles about their products and services, both in the form of posted articles at, and in the form of sponsored social media posts at one of our social outlets.

We hope that this disclosure gives you an insight on how Codango™ generates revenue.