EdgeConf 4: Installable Web Apps and Permissions

“Installable” web apps are a mess. Better access to native APIs like geofencing, offline, push notifications and alerts requires new APIs and a way of managing … source

UXD: What is UX research?

This episode of User Experience Design for Developers shows you what user research is, and why it’s important to creating products that people will actually … source

Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

With the combination of Web Components and Service worker, web developers have incredibly powerful and fundamentally new tools to build applications. source

Google I/O 2015 – A little badass. Beautiful. Tech and human. Work and love. ATAP.

Speaker(s): .mudge (aka Peiter) Zatko; Ivan Poupyrev; Rachid El Guerrab; Regina Dugan Description: Optimized for speed. Because we are, well, impatient. source

Google Cloud Platform Live: Google Computing and Open Source Technologies

We’ll take a closer look at how we are working with Open Source and Google Cloud Platform. source

Google I/O 2014 – The design sprint: from Google Ventures to Google[x]

Speaker(s): Daniel Burka, Jake Knapp, Nadya Direkova Description: The design sprint is a process for prototyping and testing any product in 5 days. source

Google I/O 2015 – What’s New in Android Development Tools

Speaker(s): Jamal Eason; Tor Norbye; Xavier Ducrohet Description: This session provides an in depth tour of the Android development tools and take a closer … source

How to Design, Build and Run a Cloud app with Mandy Waite

At Google I/O 2014, many of the talks on the Cloud Track were centered around a demo application called Walkshare. This session walks through how we built … source

EdgeConf 4: Standards and the Extensible Web Manifesto

The extensible web manifesto promises to change the way the web community approaches standardisation to make it more inclusive and iterative. Do you feel … source

Google I/O 2014 – Upgrading the engine mid-flight: How Google improves its web apps without downtime

Speaker(s): Paul Rohde, Ted Sander Description: Changing the implementation of a business-critical web app without any downtime or user interruptions can … source

Google I/O 2015 – Designing for virtual reality

Speaker(s): Alex Faaborg; Erica Morse; Jon Wiley; Manuel Clement Description: Designing great user experiences in virtual reality is considerably different than … source

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Design Tooling

A discussion between creators of popular design tools on the value of prototyping, lessons learned in crafting products for designers, and the future of UX tools. source

Google I/O 2015 – Developing for the living room with Google

Speaker(s): Allen Huang; John Affaki Description: The living room ecosystem and its 1 billion TVs are exploding with new entertainment and new forms of … source