#Love4Dev – Seeing what others create in web development with Paul Lewis

What’s Paul Lewis’ passion? Seeing what others have created for the open web. Share your own & tag w/ #love4dev #io16 Watch more developers talk about … source

Google Chrome vs. Chromium

Short discussion with Chromium Evangelist François Beaufort about the main differences between Chromium and the Google Chrome browser. (version en … source

Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

With the combination of Web Components and Service worker, web developers have incredibly powerful and fundamentally new tools to build applications. source

From Components to Applications – Net-a-Porter (Polymer Summit 2016)

Since Polymer Summit 2015 the NET-A-PORTER tech team set about building on top of their work with web components and start building applications. This talk … source

Bringing seamless checkouts to the mobile web – Google I/O 2016

In recent years we’ve seen incredible growth in the number of users shopping on the mobile web. Checkout flows, however, haven’t changed and remain stuck … source

Progressive Web Apps across all frameworks – Google I/O 2016

Addy Osmani on Progressive Web Apps across all frameworks. Progressive Web Apps can be built using any JavaScript library or framework, whether it’s React, … source

Icon Fonts (The Standard, Ep. 3)

Sam Thorogood talks icon fonts for the web, which give you great vector icons that look the same across all platforms. Material icons: https://material.io/icons/ source

Polymer 2.0 in 2.0 seconds: Upgrading Projects Large and Small (Polymer Summit 2016)

Do you dread upgrading your giant world-spanning tree of Polymer elements? Or maybe you’ve got a handful of small but widely used elements that you’d like … source

Flip Switch: Live Code Session – Supercharged (Polymer Summit 2016)

Paul and Surma live-code a UI element from scratch, using ES2015, Custom Elements and Shadow DOM. Yeah, because live-coding never goes wrong. And to … source

RAIL in the real world (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

RAIL is the Chrome team’s way of thinking about performance, but how can you apply it to your projects? Does it work as-is, or do you need to do tweak Continue ReadingRAIL in the real world (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

Hacking Without Being a Hack (Polymer Summit 2016)

Almost everyone has had a moment when they have been asked to build something quickly at 3pm on a Friday. Come explore how Polymer can transform a … source

dotJS 2013 Interview of Addy Osmani by Alexis Moussine Pouchkine

Recorded December 2nd 2013 in Paris, FR Alexis MP discusses with Addy Osmani, a member of the Google Chrome Developer Relations team, some of the … source

Quantify and improve real-world RAIL (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

You’ve mastered DevTools and tuned your application to follow all the RAIL best practices. Except, how it does perform on your users devices in the real world? source

Instant Loading with Service Workers (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

Service workers can power your web app while offline, but they can also offer substantial performance benefits while online. We’ll explain how to structure your … source

Discussion Panel (Polymer Summit 2016)

A look ahead at the future of the Polymer Project and web component. Missed the summit? Catch the recordings at: https://www.polymer-project.org/summit Or … source