Graphing Calculator – Visual Basic – Photon

A Windows graphing calculator created with Visual Basic.NET under Visual Studio 2012. The .NET Framework 4.6 is required to run this program; if you don’t … source

Chris Isham on the importance of a consistant quantum theory of gravity

Profile of Professor Christopher Isham from Imperial College London, winner of the 2011 Dirac Medal awarded by the Institute of Physics. He won his award for … source

MANTIS MURDER SHRIMP (Slow Motion) – Smarter Every Day 121

Free Audio Book ⇒ Tweet⇒ FB⇒ Official comment thread on Reddit here: … source

The Simulation Hypothesis – FULL PROGRAM – HD (Original)

Are we living in a virtual reality? Is the universe emerging from an information processing system? And if so, could we ever tell? Is it possible to ‘hack’ the system Continue ReadingThe Simulation Hypothesis – FULL PROGRAM – HD (Original)

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

High Speed video. Cats. Physics. Weightlessness. Of all my videos, if you don’t share this one, you probably never will. Please consider sharing by clicking here: … source

CERN: The Standard Model Of Particle Physics … The Standard Model Of Particle Physics. This film was produced as part of the CERN/ATLAS multimedia contest … source

How a Truck Driver “Rebuilt” the Atomic Bomb

John Coster-Mullen is a truck-driver with minimal college education who taught himself how to build the most detailed replica of an A-bomb ever made. source

How Cities are Built From Scratch on Computers

YOUR CITY MIGHT drive you crazy. But all that chaos exists only at the street level. Cities follow rules towering above zoning and squeezing between bodies of … source