From Components to Applications – Net-a-Porter (Polymer Summit 2016)

Since Polymer Summit 2015 the NET-A-PORTER tech team set about building on top of their work with web components and start building applications. This talk … source

Polymer 2.0 in 2.0 seconds: Upgrading Projects Large and Small (Polymer Summit 2016)

Do you dread upgrading your giant world-spanning tree of Polymer elements? Or maybe you’ve got a handful of small but widely used elements that you’d like … source

APK Analyzer: An Android Tool Time Deep Dive

Wojtek Kaliciński introduces the APK Analyzer in Android Studio 2.2. The APK Analyzer gives developers insight into the contents of a release APK, including … source

Flip Switch: Live Code Session – Supercharged (Polymer Summit 2016)

Paul and Surma live-code a UI element from scratch, using ES2015, Custom Elements and Shadow DOM. Yeah, because live-coding never goes wrong. And to … source

Hacking Without Being a Hack (Polymer Summit 2016)

Almost everyone has had a moment when they have been asked to build something quickly at 3pm on a Friday. Come explore how Polymer can transform a … source

ExoPlayer: Adaptive video streaming on Android

ExoPlayer is a newly open sourced media player built on Android’s low level media APIs. It supports DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playback, and is … source

Discussion Panel (Polymer Summit 2016)

A look ahead at the future of the Polymer Project and web component. Missed the summit? Catch the recordings at: Or … source

The ServiceWorker: The network layer is yours to own

Introducing ServiceWorker, the API that gives you full control over HTTP caching, request, and forms the basis for push messaging, alarms, geofencing and … source

Production-Ready Polymer Elements – A How-To-Guide (Polymer Summit 2016)

The Polymer team is responsible for over one hundred elements that are used in vast assortment of combinations, browsers, and applications. Come learn how … source

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Polymer toolbox (Polymer Summit 2016)

Think of your favorite app. It’s probably (who can blame you), but if it isn’t (and we need to talk) it probably has one, if not all, of these Continue ReadingHow I learned to stop worrying and love the Polymer toolbox (Polymer Summit 2016)