How Do You Make a Website in 20 Minutes? Come to our Free Demo!

It’s only fair to share…000 On Saturday October 14, Blacknight will give a free demonstration in Cork, titled How to Make a Website in 20 Minutes. The event forms part of Continue ReadingHow Do You Make a Website in 20 Minutes? Come to our Free Demo!

An overview of SharePoint communication sites

SharePoint has always been at the heart of collaboration. With our vision of the mobile and intelligent intranet, we are now expanding the tools to deliver an out … source

An Introduction to AngularJS

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Weka Data Mining Tutorial for First Time & Beginner Users

23-minute beginner-friendly introduction to data mining with WEKA. Examples of algorithms to get you started with WEKA: logistic regression, decision tree, … source

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin – Demo video

WOOCommerce Amazon Affiliates — WordPress Plugin is a product that allows you to import Amazon products in your WOOCommerce store in no time! source

Samsung Gear VR Review

Today is the day that the true consumer model of the Gear VR, the 3rd iteration of the product, hits shelves and doorsteps after going on pre-sale earlier this … Continue ReadingSamsung Gear VR Review