iOS Development: Introduction to All Things Auto Layout Series Pt 1

DOWNLOAD PROJECTS: Have you ever wanted to build universal apps meaning you build 1 app UI that can work on … source

The power of Geolocation (Google Cloud Next ’17)

Enterprise customers use the Google Maps Geolocation API to reimagine location-based solutions – from real-time asset tracking to corporate location … source

Great Progressive Web App Experiences with Angular (Google I/O ’17)

Angular is a platform for building apps with the web, and supports Progressive Web Apps out of the box. Learn how Angular’s tools enable you to increase … source

Open Source TensorFlow Models (Google I/O ’17)

Come to this talk for a tour of the latest open source TensorFlow models for Image Classification, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Generated … source

Developing for Android Things Using Android Studio (Google I/O ’17)

Using Android Studio to develop apps for embedded devices is one of the strengths of the Android Things platform. In this session, we will demonstrate how … source

Google I/O 2015 – A little badass. Beautiful. Tech and human. Work and love. ATAP.

Speaker(s): .mudge (aka Peiter) Zatko; Ivan Poupyrev; Rachid El Guerrab; Regina Dugan Description: Optimized for speed. Because we are, well, impatient. source

Growing Globally with Phone Number Identity (Google I/O ’17)

If you work with phone numbers or need identity solutions for global users, this talk is for you! Top developers are embracing phone number identities as a … source