Flash Daily: Adobe AIR games: Solitaire Palast German online…

German online card games developer Spiele-Palast GmbH has released their latest Adobe AIR title: Online Solitaire. We have reached 32nd place in Android download charts as well as 25th place in iTunes download charts in Germany with 1,300 players online Continue reading Flash Daily: Adobe AIR games: Solitaire Palast German online…

Flash Daily: Actionscript 3 & Typescript: Tetris Source of…

Source of the game Tetris, developed in some different programming languages such as Actionscript and TypeScript, following the micro architecture Robotlegs. Actionscript 3: StarlingFW, Robotlegs, Palidor, FlexUnit. Typescript: Pixi, RobotlegsJs, RobotlegsJs-Pixi, PalidorJs.  Read the entire article at the source link… flashdailyexpert

How to get more TRAFFIC on your BLOGGER & WordPress Websites with Google Webmaster Tool

Google webmaster link — http://viid.me/9Jcd8 Watch the full video and just increase the traffic to your website Thanks for watching! Follow my dailymotion … source

ASP.NET Grid | How to Add and Initialize a New Row

You will learn how to initialize fields with default values when a new record is created at runtime. We will use the built-in row insertion link of the ASPxGridView … source

Installing Reactos Daily Build 71458 [29th May 2016] onto the Toshiba Satellite 1110

Installing ReactOS Daily Build 71458/29th May 2016 onto the Toshiba Satellite 1110. Also includes a installation of the Dot Net Framework 2.0. source