Your CX is Only as Good as Your Approach to UX

By Olga Grigorenko

CX, aka Customer Experience, refers to the experience your customer has with all points of your brand, across all platforms, both online and off. UX on the other hand, refers to User Experience, which pertains to the design and development of a product insofar as how your audience will use it.

As such, the two are unique disciplines, but it is a mistake to regard them as strictly separate entities. CX and UX go hand in hand, each one helping to reinforce the other, strengthening the brand as a whole. Neglect one and you may be throwing all of your hard work in the trash. This is especially critical when considering app development, for the ultimate success of your app rests on your audience’s experience with it.

When talking about a site or app, UX developers are typically concerned with the design of the interface. They are responsible for building a product which not only effectively solves the targeted problem, but does so in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and easy to navigate. The CX developers take on responsibility of a much broader scope as they are concerned with the brand experience across all platforms beyond a specific site or app. Their job is to ensure that all the ways in which users perceive your brand (be it customer service or fair pricing), are positive. In both cases, the developers have the customer’s happiness in mind.

The customer is at the heart of CX and UX – they are who the developers have in mind and they are who will ultimately make or break your brand. Both CX and UX developers cater directly to the customer, making decisions based on how they can create the most enjoyable and seamless experience for them. This is what users value above all else: an app that delivers what they want in a manner that’s easy to manage.

What gives one app a leg up over another comparable app offering similar services? The ultimate deciding factor will be whichever one offers the user a better experience from start to finish and on every point in between. If one app boasts far superior customer service but a confusing interface, the poor UX experience will directly negate the excellent CX experience. The same would be true of an app with an excellent and user-friendly interface but negligible or poor customer service. In both scenarios the customer will leave feeling dissatisfied and will unlikely revisit or recommend your app to others. At that point, they’ll seek a different app in hopes to find one that satisfies their needs on all levels.

Knowing that positive customer ratings come from an overall positive experience with your app, it becomes clear how imperative it is that CX and UX are regarded with the same level of importance. While the two teams actively work on different functions, the end goal is the same: make your customer happy.

So, when developing a new product or considering ways to increase the success of an existing one, keep in mind that your CX is only as good as your UX.

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