Why You Should Consider WordPress For Web Development

Long before now, WordPress was a mere blogging platform but it gradually grew from that into a great content management system and now it controls a fraction of the internet. When you get to know all the benefits of the technology, you will stop wondering how it became a force to reckon with in web development.

This article outlines all the important features of the technology. Of course, there are reasons a lot of web developers have shifted to this platform.

Its Popularity is Amazing

Right now, WordPress is synonymous with the word internet. According to a reliable source, more than 15 blogs posts are published on a website that is controlled by WordPress every second. To understand the statistics better, multiply 15 by 60. It amounts to about 900 blog posts every minute and 54,000 blogs posts every hour!

Isn’t this awesome? Isn’t this enough reason to try the platform too? Well, by the time you get to the end of the article, you will no longer be surprised at the figures.

Big Brands Also Use WordPress

Right now, you may be thinking that WordPress is for only small and medium enterprises as big brands are too big to use it. Well, you are dead wrong. Do you believe that CNN’s blog also runs on WordPress as successful as it is?

CNN’s blog is not alone on this. The likes of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Next Web, and The New Yorkers all run on this platform. This is just to mention a few as there are many more world class brands that run their websites or blogs on WordPress.

Numerous Plugins

Whatever function you may need on your e-commerce website, there is a WordPress plugin for it. You can be sure of that. In fact, no matter how many websites you develop everyday, you will only get to use a fraction of the plugins offered by WordPress.

Instead of having to code each function, you just need to search through WordPress plugins and pick one. Despite having tremendous number of plugins, more are still being developed. So the number of WordPress plugins increase by the day.

The advantage of this plugins can only be appreciated by web developers. Imagine if it takes you about 3 days to code each function and you have about 10 functions to code. That means it will take you about 30 days for the tasks. Readymade plugins will shorten the time to just one or two days. So, you can use the time you would have spent to do other things or to develop other websites. In a nutshell, availability of plugins helps you to offer improved turnaround time.

Non-Programmers Can Also Use It

When your website is developed on WordPress, non-programmers can easily manage it. It has simplified tools for setting up online business sites and to also carry out other activities on the site. Being able to do a lot of tasks by yourself will save you the cost of hiring a developer for many tasks. It is all a matter of simple training and any of your employees can handle all these tasks.

It Is Completely Free

WordPress is completely free to use. As a programmer, you are also free to edit any of its code because it is open source. And neither do you need any license or permission to use it. However, some plugins are not free, you are good with all the free ones. In fact, WordPress allows you to customize your own theme and plugin and make money on them by allowing other web developers to use them. This implies that you can make money on WordPress platform in multiple ways.

It Offers Automatic SEO

Websites created on WordPress are very easy for search engine bots to crawl. Thus, they usually have higher ranking and as such they appear on search engine result pages before other websites. So, websites built on WordPress are automatically optimized for search engine.

In addition, WordPress websites are also mobile friendly. So, if your website is developed on the technology, you don’t have to bother about its mobile-friendliness. It is already mobile-friendly. You may no longer need to expend more money to make it mobile friendly.

The Importance of Web Scraping

Another way to remain competitive is to monitor your competitors. You cannot be competitive if you don’t know what your competitors offer. So, a lot of businesses now engage in regular web scraping to get data from their competitors. While there are numerous web scraping tools, only very few are effective. Web Scraper is a very effective web scraping tool. Here are the important features of the tool.

Important Features of Web Scraper

It is a tool for extracting data from web pages. With this extension, you can create a navigation plan, called a sitemap on how your source website can be navigated and the exact data to be scraped.

Following your sitemap, the Web Scraper will navigate the source site page after page and scrape all the required content. Extracted data can be exported as CSV or other formats. The extension can be installed from Chrome Store.

Some of the features of Web Scraper have been outlined right below:

Ability to scrape multiple pages

The tool has the ability to extract data from several pages on a website as long as it is stipulated in the sitemap. If you need only images from a 100-paged website; it may be time-consuming for you to check each of the web pages to know which ones have images and which ones do not. So, you can instruct the tool to check every page for images.

The tool stores data in CouchDB or browser’s local storage

The tool stores the sitemaps and extracted data either in the local storage of the browser or in CouchDB

Can extract multiple data

Since the tool has the ability to work on multiple types of data, users can select multiple types of data for extraction on the same page. For instance, it can scrape both images and text from web pages at the same time.

Scrape data from dynamic pages

Web Scraper is so powerful that it can also scrape data from dynamic pages like Ajax and JavaScript

Ability to view extracted data

The tool allows users to view scraped data even before it is saved in the designated location

It exports extracted data as CSV

By default, Web Scraper exports extracted data as CSV but it can also export it in other formats.

Exports and imports sitemaps

You may need to use your sitemaps multiple times so the tool can import and export sitemaps on request.

Depends on only Chrome browser

Unfortunately, this is more like a drawback. It works with only the Chrome browser

For you to be able to use this tool, you can visit webscraper.io for a comprehensive tutorial.

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