WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts to a Page and Adding Links (Blogroll)

Here’s a quick video going over some WordPress basics: adding a post to a category and then adding a link (formerly known as blogroll). In this video, we’re …


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26 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts to a Page and Adding Links (Blogroll)”

  1. Thanks Bradley,
    I found your videos very helpful.
    I'm new to wordpress. I understand html, css, but I'm not that good on php. I'd like to know how you set up a page (like "Articles & Musings" ) that shows a linked list of posts.

  2. Misleading video. This video shows how to create a post, but doesn't explain how to create the page template that makes "posts" show up on a page. Kinda crappy if you ask me….

  3. m having a problm dude… i need to add a post in new page but m having trouble in dix… just because of dix my home page is too long?? would u like to help to figured it out??????

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  9. How do I make my page be able to have post links? I want to list any category under my page / category page. Also this video seems like its jumping in in the middle of talking bout something and we are missing the first part of what we needed to know.

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