Visme Interactive Presentations: A Codango™ Review

Create All Forms Of Visual Content In One Place

For those of us who don’t have the experience of a designer nor the time or the luxury of spending endless hours creating professional infographics and presentations, the new version of Visme is the answer to this problem.

This is where Visme comes in. Even if you’re not that great at design, it’s an extremely easy-to-use, flexible app that is changing the way ideas are visualized and stories are told into the form of powerful and easy to share presentations, infographics and other forms of visual content.

Virtually everyone needs to express their thoughts and ideas to an audience in the form of content. Visual content such as infographics, presentations, and graphics are much more engaging forms of content in comparison to text.

Traditionally many people have relied on Powerpoint and other similar tools as their go-to software, but most of these applications are based on outdated technology and limit users to creating sub-par content that fails to inspire and engage audiences.

Visme is improving the content creation process.  It is the result of over 5 years and thousands of hours of research and development, powered by the feedback and support of over 1.2 million users. Its mission is to enable anyone to easily translate their thoughts and ideas into engaging content, all the while saving time and the costs involved in acquiring expensive programs or hiring an expert to do it for them.

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