Visme Interactive Presentations: A Codango™ Review

New Text Editing Features

Add padding:

Add vertical and horizontal text padding

Add granular styling:

Highlight portions of text and apply custom styling specifically to that content. You can now highlight words or phrases within a text block and apply styling while maintaining the rest of the content’s formatting intact.

In the former Visme text editor, it was not possible to have different fonts in the same text block. The new version provides further flexibility by allowing the use of multiple fonts and styles within the same block, reducing the number of layers needed to achieve the same effect.

Select and Move Multiple Objects

Select any number of objects, move and duplicate them (versus current setup of single object duplication)

Copy to slides

Copy multiple objects from one slide to another slide versus doing them one by one. This is very useful for users who want to copy a specific set of object(s) versus duplicating an entire slide.

Lock/unlock objects

Easily lock and unlock objects. Tired of that large image/shape behind your smaller object getting selected? Right click to launch the contextual menu and lock the object or apply other effects.

Global Color Palette

A color applied to an object or text will be saved into a global color library so it can easily be applied elsewhere. Every time you create a new color, it will be added to your global library so you can reuse it in the rest of your project.

Audio Engine (Feature)

One of the most requested features is the ability to upload your own audio MP3 files. They provide a fantastic library of audio tracks that can be attached to one slide (for presentations) or used as background music for an entire project.

You can even record your own audio, attach it and manage the timing and fade controls from one panel.

Shared Library

Reuse images from other projects, which are all stored in a shared library.


Visme also offers powerful data visualization capabilities through a series of Infograph and Chart Widget tools.

Data widgets allow one to quickly turn simple data and numbers into dynamic, easier to understand visuals. From a speedometer to counters, ribbons and radial dials, each widget allows users to fully customize the data to display specific values.

The Chart widget offers seven variations of data representation in the form of pie charts, bar and linear graphs. It simplifies the data visualization process to the point of enabling users to generate charts within seconds. Users can also import spreadsheet data and generate a chart on the fly from the imported data.

Importing data?!?! WHAT? That has us very intrigued!

New chart types and the ability to compare sets of data.

They have introduced doughnut-shaped charts and scatter plots. With non-circular charts, you can use series of data in order to compare values against each other.

Want to add beautiful interactivity to your charts? By default, all charts are animated so when you load them, you can see them form into the final design. You can also turn off animation via a simple on/off value under Settings.

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