Use a Process!

As basic as it may sound, many use a similar process as the above image shows. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the time from start to finish may vary. Even the amount of time you spend in each section of this process can vary. The number of “people” resources in the project can also create dynamics that affect time.

–But have a process!–

The great news, is that you already do! You are doing things a certain way, even now. Even if it is inefficient, or otherwise in need of noticeable improvement.

Every organization is different. Different people, skills, experiences, roles, etc. It is sometimes difficult to rubber stamp an industry-standard process or set of processes onto an organization.

The embedded graphic highlights the high-level steps that our developers at Codango™ follow – generally. You may recognize some of these steps from existing development methodologies.

Sometimes, the project assigned is so short in duration, that the steps often blend into one another, and it seems like a step or two are skipped; however, they are not.

In very large projects, it may seem like you are stuck in eternity in one portion of the process. Stay the course!

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