Get Introduced To Top 10 Apps That Are Built Using Ionic

Ionic: With the upcoming of smartphones, there has been a plethora of apps available in the market. When it comes to Android apps, they are usually developed using JAVA and iOS. The programming is done with the help of Swift and Objective-C. Apart from these tools, there are many other that can be easily utilized for building exclusive mobile apps.

Why Learn the Ionic App?

As a tech savvy, you will be astonished with a plethora of mobile frameworks that have come in the market. Ionic has gained high popularity. As a leading mobile app development framework, it is duly created with a native look and feeling in the mind. You may opt to learn Ionic and enjoy the task of coming up with exclusive apps.

What is specialty of Ionic? It takes in usage HTML along with CSS and JavaScript to come with a favorable outcome. They are converted to become ready for a wide range of mobile devices.  Present day developers are running after Ionic as it has enabled them to make best usage of a single codebase.

Top Ten Apps Built with Ionic

With the help of a single codebase, it has become possible to come up with apps for numerous platforms. What is the total number of apps that are built using Ionic? It has exceeded 4 million! Developers are striving hard to innovate so that they may easily come up with superior quality apps to broaden the presence of hybrid apps.

Day by day, the market is becoming competitive. As a result developers are on their ways to come up with some exclusive apps that will support big brands. Below are names of top ten interesting apps that are built with Ionic. These apps showcase the potential that this exclusively designed hybrid mobile framework possesses. These apps include:

  1. MarketWatch – The MarketWatch app is a well known non-chargeable news and market data app. It is available for both iOS and Android. With exclusive performance and minor differences in size and layout, you will be pleased by the outcome. Those differences can be easily managed with the help of CSS.   This app is utilized to have round the clock access to news, financial advice, stock market quotes and so on.
  2. Sworkit – There is a wide number of fitness apps present in the market. Sworkit is the one that makes usage of a single codebase for both iOS and Android. It is an app that is truly based on Ionic. As a cross-platform development framework, it will definitely be compatible with your device.  Sworkit is inclusive of a wide range of exercises that can be performed anytime anywhere. It has made it easy to choose the entire length of workout.
  3. Joule – The newly introduced Joule app has been regarded as a well known immersion calculator that includes highly stunning features like temperature control, visual doneness and many more. It also comprises of a wide range of cooking recipes and guides for cooking. Its working principle is that you need to specify what you are about to cook. You will be guided all along to conclude with your desirous recipe.
  4. Chefsteps – If you are a passionate cook, then better you opt for Chefsteps. This particular app will definitely help you round the clock to gain access to video tutorials along with recipes and tools for cooking. This app has been an excellent example of all possibilities for both Android as well as iPhone.
  5. Diesel – Diesel is a particular type of app that was built totally to assist merchandising team at the best. It will report truly and analyze the performance of every store as well as product. It has been recognized for serving as a tool for identifying new ways for representing the Diesel brand in a creative manner.
  6. Pacifical – The Pacifical app has been meant to enable easy access to Android as well as iOS phones. It is inclusive of special types of tools that will assist users to manage stress along with depression and anxiety. On the basis of the cognitive behavior, this app can be utilized for socializing groups and communities. The app is inclusive of mood along with health trackers and thought analysis feature.
  7. Justwatch – The Justwatch is a well known search engine that will help all along to browse through television shows as well as movies. If you have missed any of the episodes, it can be easily recovered online. iOS and Android apps for this search engine are built all along Ionic and currently enlists offers from online platforms like Netflix and many more.
  8. Cryptochange – The Cryptochange app will let you to maintain a track of above hundred cryptocurrencies. It is built with Ionic and has been known for sharing development history of each currency. Also, you will get to know about volatile value in association with each and every hour. The app will also let you to purchase cryptocurrency.
  9. Untappd – The newly introduced Untappd app has been known for enabling its users to discover bars and beers located nearby. Also, you will get to know what your friends are up to. The app has been known to facilitate review sharing, posting activities on social media, creating wish-list and many more.
  10. National Museum of African American History and Culture – The National Museum of African American History and Culture app will let you easy access to stories of museum. You will get to know about the same prior paying visit. Also, you will be able to find out about directions and museum hours plus other related information about the museum.

These are some exclusive apps that can be built using Ionic. Ionic has really benefited Android as well as iOS users at the best. You can go through Ionic tutorials to get to learn about Ionic. Once you are able to grasp the required skill set, it will become easy to contribute to the industry with something innovative.

Technology is at its fast pace of development. You need to keep yourself abreast with changing trends and technologies.

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