Tomorrow’s Web: Laura Kalbag on Freelancing

Laura Kalbag, a freelance designer, offers useful tips and tricks to freelancers starting out. Video Produced …


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25 Replies to “Tomorrow’s Web: Laura Kalbag on Freelancing”

  1. Awesome. I've been freelancing for 2 years now, but it doesn't work out that well for me. It seems I'm not really good at getting contacts and notoriety 🙁

  2. Seems to point out the bad side of Freelancing more than the good – are you sure this is the right Career for you Laura?

    and am I overtly suspicious of all job advise presentations..
    Why if their primary means of income is Successful, do they've decided to look for and become a part time presenters?

  3. I'm sure you've found a handful of backend developers that you prefer to work with when the need arises. As one myself, I find it hard to showcase my work since it's somewhat intangible in nature. Any tips for guys like me?

  4. Love where she said at the start of not going to uni to become qualified in this field, too bloody right as I learned the hard way, wish I could have those four years back.

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