Tips To Host A Website Without Problem

Switch to Dreamhost, and we will move your web site. No kidding.

Tips to host a website without problem

These things one should take care while hosting a website. I personally went through lots of trouble what was avoidable. After 6 years and spending money in many web hosting companies I have come to a conclusion, in fact I am happy now as there is no problem from past 5 years almost. It means for entire 1 year I had problem, I accept that.

But finally I know that selecting hosting company is not really easy.

First of all we should have our requirements clear like:

Windows or Linux platform


MS-SQL server database of MySQL

Mail server required or not

Do we require dedicated IP address or it is not required?

What amount of server space required?

What is need of bandwidth? How much bandwidth you are expecting to spend in a month

What if you will have to buy extra bandwidth from your hosting service provider?

What kind of backup technology is required?

What if you need to change server?

What is present downtime history of hosting provider?

What kind of support they provide?

Method of backup for database

Once all these question are clear and you are 100% satisfied for all above mentioned aspects, ask for payment options, cost and all IF ANY situations.

OK here if you are ready with all required hosting information, go to second step

How you will upload data, I mean files, your database structure, do you have those access to server. Do you have or will have ftp access, do you have interface to upload database structure. What options are available to upload data files? What is speed and who all have that privilege? How who should have that.

Will you upload files your self or your developer will do that. Who will have these things for future? Do you have an option to change passwords if required.

OK don’t get confused!

It will not take much time to thing and ask. But once you have these things ready, there will be fewer problems and your life will be much easier.

I hope I am not bugging you and it will help you for more information please read more articles of mine. Hope I will write more.

There are many good companies in India selling web space with quality support and other required details. But don’t go on my words have a check on companies outside India as well. I have personally used service providers outside India and inside India.

These companies have some good things and some glitch. Some fast servers but bad support, good bandwidth but downtime you will definitely hate.

So what’s the deal?

Go and check them all. Search for keyword hosting info and check out some websites. Go for top 5 companies in India, check their website. Spend some time before taking any decision. OK so have you done all these things?

No if your answer is no then you must check all these things. Please do it, or you will lose time and money.

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