The best TV streaming stick for under $50

Media streaming boxes now come in stick form — and they’re better (and cheaper) than ever. What’s the best streaming stick or tiny box you can buy for less …


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26 Replies to “The best TV streaming stick for under $50”

  1. Are you sure you need to say Alexa with the remote? You're already holding a button on the remote so why would you need to say the activation keyword. That seems redundant. On the Echo remote you don't need to say the activation word when holding the button.

  2. well presented, beautifully produced video

    but the content is very poor – the picks and rationale behind them is vague, illogical and verging (see what i did there) on nonsensical

  3. The Amazon FireTV stick has the most painfully bad interface paradigm it's been my misfortune to experience. The whole, look at the TV, and use the app on your phone blind, thing is just stupid. The fact that you can call up a keyboard, type something, and it does nothing unless you have first navigated to the search function on the TV is just insane. For the love of God. Why?!?!?

    The Chromecast by comparison is Simplicity itself, my 5yo operates it with ease, he dumps YouTube to it when the tablet is running out of power, and often pulls his content back off the TV when moving into the kitchen. You can cast your entire screen, browser tabs, etc. All the controls are on your phone, etc. It just works.

    I have Amazon Prime, but the FireTV interface is so painfuly bad that I never watch Prime video as getting it to do anything with the app is like pulling teeth. No, just No!

  4. Amazon doesn't want to play nice with the other companies! They want you locked in their eco system where they charge more for the same content that can be found cheaper on Google Play or ITunes!

  5. if you're getting it for an old person or non-tech person,I think it is better to get the ones with their own remote, my mother just barely knows how to use her smartphone, n she struggles so hard using chromecast sometimes,
    for me, I just love chromecast, so fast n easy to use, plus the google signature that I love

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