Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

With the combination of Web Components and Service worker, web developers have incredibly powerful and fundamentally new tools to build applications. source

The key to Firebase security – Google I/O 2016

All data stored in Firebase is by default readable and writable by any authenticated user. While this is great for getting started, productions apps require stronger … source

Google Cloud Platform Live: Google Computing and Open Source Technologies

We’ll take a closer look at how we are working with Open Source and Google Cloud Platform. source

From Components to Applications – Net-a-Porter (Polymer Summit 2016)

Since Polymer Summit 2015 the NET-A-PORTER tech team set about building on top of their work with web components and start building applications. This talk … source

Introduction to Blockly (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

Blockly is an open-source set of core libraries for building block based coding apps on web and mobile. In this talk, we’ll demo a few apps built with Blockly, … Continue ReadingIntroduction to Blockly (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

Firebase Fireside Chat – Google I/O 2016

Pull up a chair and join the Firebase team for a fireside chat. Learn a little bit more about why things work the way they do, from the people who Continue ReadingFirebase Fireside Chat – Google I/O 2016

Bringing seamless checkouts to the mobile web – Google I/O 2016

In recent years we’ve seen incredible growth in the number of users shopping on the mobile web. Checkout flows, however, haven’t changed and remain stuck … source

Angular 2 – Google I/O 2016

Early on with Angular 2, we focused on creating a full platform that encompasses even more of the needs of our developer community. Mobile is all the rage as … Continue ReadingAngular 2 – Google I/O 2016

Android Textual Layout (Android Dev Summit 2015)

Recent versions of Android have significant advances in typographic sophistication, including automatic hyphenation, balanced and optimized paragraph layout, … source

Keynote – Progressive Web Apps: What, Why and How (Google Developer Day 2016)

Progressive Web Apps are a new level of caring about the quality of your user experience. They combine the capabilities of native platforms with the reach of the … source

Building Progressive Web Apps with Angular (Google Developer Day 2016)

The Angular team has been investing in building tools and techniques that enable large teams to build robust applications that span desktop and mobile. source

Google I/O 2014 – The design sprint: from Google Ventures to Google[x]

Speaker(s): Daniel Burka, Jake Knapp, Nadya Direkova Description: The design sprint is a process for prototyping and testing any product in 5 days. source

Bridging the physical and digital. Imagine the possibilities. ATAP. – Google I/O 2016

Optimized for speed and agility. Diversity and scale. Ambitious blue sky research coupled with a driving application. Because we don’t believe in false choices. source