iSkin : install iOS themes on iPhone & iPad WITHOUT jailbreak !

iSkin (beta) : iOS theming without jailbreak – Try it NOW !! http:// – – – iSkin is a webapp to customize your iOS device (iPhone / iPad, iPod Continue ReadingiSkin : install iOS themes on iPhone & iPad WITHOUT jailbreak !

Advanced Visualforce Development with JavaScript

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WPblab EP61 – Building Your WordPress Freelancing by Speaking (or Teaching) w/Adam Silver

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Question: Should I Build WordPress Websites for Clients

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Visual Studio Evolution 2013 – Mobile Webseiten mit ASP.NET und jQuery Mobile erstellen (Parys)

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Software Architecture Exercise: Designing an Alarm Clock

This lecture, recorded at the University of Colorado Boulder in September 2012, leads the audience through an exercise of building an alarm clock. source

Creating a Custom Spring Security Solution – Episode 2

Website: Publications: GitHub: … source

Colt JavaScript What you code is what u see Live Codding Starling Games

Game development using StarlingJS and COLT JS. inspired by Bret Victor “Inventing on principle” What You Code is What u See!!! Source(Java Script): … source

Why ASP.NET is Better than Java

Do you know why ASP.NET is better than Java? One of the few advantages of over Java is the built in framework, AKA dot-net. I need more than the Continue ReadingWhy ASP.NET is Better than Java

Using Gulp in ASP.NET 5 on Visual Studio 2015 to Automate Tasks

This video guides with step by step walkthrough on Using Gulp in ASP.NET 5 on Visual Studio 2015 to Automate Tasks. It guides you to write a gulp task to Continue ReadingUsing Gulp in ASP.NET 5 on Visual Studio 2015 to Automate Tasks

Learn Javascript & JQuery From Scratch 5526

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