6 Ways to be a Thoughtful Coder

As much as programming can be isolating at times (often as a matter of choice), it doesn’t place you in a vacuum. If anything, it connects you to the rest Continue Reading6 Ways to be a Thoughtful Coder

Faire une intelligence artificielle | Visual Basic 10 | vb.net | make an artificial intelligence

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Where has Luke been? – Call for Coders 2017

Submit your application: https://goo.gl/forms/7DkgeTvCRxKbTnPM2 We’re building something awesome, and you could be a part of it. Let’s take over the galaxy … source

Charm Pascal IDE — Some features [Intellisense…etc]

Charm Pascal is the smartest IDE & TextEditor ever made for pascal programming language. It’s 100% free , and some of it’s parts are source opened (I shared … source

How to Become a WordPress Developer

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Software Developer vs. Business Owner – A Minute of Overpass: App Development Company in England

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