Simple Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Made in VB.NET / C#.NET: YAICB v1

This is a simple software that I made which chats with you. This uses the same algorithm as described here: …


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22 Replies to “Simple Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Made in VB.NET / C#.NET: YAICB v1”

  1. I didn't actually get what you are trying to say… what exactly is not working?
    Cause i have not shared any executable that might work… the only thing I have shared is the research paper it is based on…

  2. could you not put the link for the algorithm in the description please or private msg me it i am very interested because this could help with a Skype application i am devolving

  3. im working on the most advanced chat bot ever (well, it will be when it is done :P)
    who wants to team up with me? you can help with my project and i can help with your project. who ever wants to join me send me a pm. no skill is needed i can learn you a lot (i use vb since vb 2006 :D)

  4. Hi there !
    I really liked your chatbot. I have read the research paper you shared and seriously i loved it. I have made a bot same as the one mestioned in this paper … I was wondering if i can get the copy of your training data …. it will be really helpfull for my university project. I have used a lot of data but still it requires a lot of more training. If you could give me the data i will keep it private and eleminate any specific data from it. 

  5. CBR is very hard, you need to select the case thaty corresponds to your question and also your the one will going to make the question w/ answer
    i could create a program like this if i want :)

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