RESTful API In Node & Express With TypeScript & MongoDB

This video covers writing a RESTful JSON API using Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, and TypeScript. My other Node/Express video was really just a way …


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5 Replies to “RESTful API In Node & Express With TypeScript & MongoDB”

  1. Read the description above and be sure to interact! I want to hear your thoughts, good or bad. If you think my video sucks, let me know. If you think it's good, let me know. Don't forget to subscribe!

  2. You should continue recording, finish this API series and then it would be great to React or Vue frontend, i.e. like you specified in description.
    Weekly videos would be nice too.

  3. I was looking for this specific combination of tools and It is really hard to find one. Thank you so much for sharing this. I was wondering how would you connect this to your mongodb database? that is the information I am having a lot of trouble to find. Do you have any pointers on that? or would be able to continue this series and show how to connect this app to local mongodb db? And is there any specific reason for not creating interface?
    Thank you!

  4. Hey great content. Can you make some more advanced stuff on this. I really need this kind of explanation. Something like – JWT auth – and further using it to protect routes. ( Subscribed ).
    PS: Audio is still way better than what is nowdays found on youtube. For video, 1 or 2 level further bigger font size will be perfect (Still good though).
    I don't know about others, but I please request you to make advanced videos which you mentioned in the end, we really need it.

  5. Great tutorial! Been looking for this kind of project with Yarn integration. You may also create the Client side and show Material design integration too? Hopefully on your next video. 🙂

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