PI 3, Windows 10 IoT, 7″ LCD and Browser Support !!

Now I have a Raspberry PI 3, I can look at how well the 7″ LCD display works with it as a few people have been saying it does not work on the PI 3 ?


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  1. Hello dear Peter and thank you for your great project.  Have you tested Windows 10 IoT on RP 3, where webser is running one top of the Windows 10 IoT and WiFi. So you can allow mobile phones to access the RP one Windows 10 IoT and for ex browse throught Videos who are located one the RP. Best regards Hermann.valsson@gmail.com

  2. Great quality video Peter. For anyone else concerned about wifi on Pi3 with Windows IoT, I have installed this myself and confirm it is working fine. This was Windows IoT build 10.0.14393.187. Once the OS is running, you can go to the side menu and check online for a Windows Update.

    One small issue is that it only detects channels 1-11, so if your router is configured for 12-14 you'll need to alter the router setting (this is a regional setting issue for some routers).

  3. Thanks a lot for your resourceful informations. Just to let you now I am currently doing a project on Raspberry Pi 3. Using Touch Display version 1.1.
    The Windows IOT version is release version. The touch screen function works perfectly.

  4. Hello, I have been looking around for a solution such as this. Thank you
    for this simple how to. Question I have is if there is a way to use 4
    (or more) USB modems and balance the load between them, then share the internet connection with another system.
    I know that its possible to combine internet sources on windows http://lifehacker.com/how-to-combine-multiple-internet-connections-into-one-s-1699431630
    and possible to share the internet with other devices

    I want to hook up something like this to a video encoder and stream the
    video to an online server. I saw on youtube a video of someone using a
    pi with 3 connections (3g, wifi, and wimax) to a laptop but no available
    information, no how to, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nBsQ1SutPY

    It appears they scrapped the project. If there is any info on how to, please inbox me.

  5. Dear Peter Oakes,
    Can I watch Full HD youtube videos on this device using Win10 IoT? Furthermore can I use MS or other kind of (Open/Libre…) Office? Thank You.
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards,


  6. Hello Peter. M just curious to know if it's possible to connect a rpi3 running win10 IOT to a windows homegroup. If so, what would be the pros and cons of playing media files from a homegroup server on the pi, it being hooked on to a TV via HDMI?

  7. the language settings is for the Noobs layout not the install (which annoyingly is always en-US on windows 10, at least linux installs ask you or sometimes even auto detect your location)

  8. Can I use Rhinoceros with a raspbbery pi? I can't afford a proper computer and I'm planning to buy a raspbbery pi 3 to do my designing.Finally,is it possible to improve it?(like getting another one or some other components maybe sorry I don't know a lot about computers)

  9. Your explanation is very clear, in an agreable takt, no stress , youare using the appropriate technical words well precisely. I use rapberry Pi2B+, for my development it's enough but when i will master the comminication WiFi i probably switch to Raps3. It's a fantastic tool, specialy Python who allow to program without all the langage specific  complex syntax of other standart langage like C or C++. I apprciate to follow your course, many tks, ABM – Belgium

  10. Are there advantages to installing it via NOOBS as opposed to just having Windows 10 IoT on its own microSD card? I suppose I should ask the inverse too, are there advantages to running Windows 10 IoT without NOOBS?

  11. Hello Mr. Oakes

    Great video 🙂

    I just wanna ask something, based on your video the official LCD for raspberry pi is good right out of the box? like plug n play? and have you tried the latest version of the LCD?

    I have the waveshark LCD for raspberry pi 3 but the touch function is only limited to scrolling so I'm planning to buy the official raspberry LCD..

    Hope you'll reply


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