Oracle E-Business Customization a New Paradigm for Development

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If your company has Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Financials, Oracle Applications), it probably uses Oracle Forms and Reports to customize an E-Business module. These tools are based on event programming and a huge set of facilities to make the developer’s job easier. Oracle Forms is a RAD (Rapid Application Development), and just like most RAD is based on event programming. So, you usually program having a user interface on mind, the “clicks” the user will do, and the possibilities you would like to give the users. Let us call this event programming paradigm, strong words to say the kind of principles this way of programming has.

As already mentioned before, Oracle has a huge   Java  strategy. Its recommendation is clear about the use of  Java  over new implementations. Pay attention at the last bullet we took from the Oracle Statement of Direction at

o Move from client-server to the Web

o Upgrade to the latest versions

o Interoperate with  Java /J2EE

o Develop new modules using JDeveloper

If you are supposed to develop in  Java , the best way is to know and use  Java  as an Object Oriented (OO) language. At the same statement of direction mentioned above, Oracle said they have done JDevelopers a comfortable IDE for Forms Developers. But is this enough for you?

 Java  is not only a language. Actually the word  Java  is overused. Instead to mention the thousands of others “J” acronyms is much easier to say just  Java . For example, to make a simple program in  Java  you will use the standard J2SE which has a lot of interfaces. To make a web interface you will probably use one of these API/Frameworks: JSP,  Java  Servlets, Struts, JSF, or some others similar to make the same. But, anyway, they all will use  Java  and, as we said,  Java  is an OO language and you should program just like this paradigm is alike: using encapsulation, inheritance,  Java  Interfaces, etc.

Everybody knows OO paradigm is not new, so it is better for you. People and the market know already what to do, and the best, what to avoid. We recommend you, first of all, to recognize this is a different (not difficult!!) way of doing. If you do so, you’ll open your mind to learn, what will make things much easier for you.

Next step is to study about OO Analysis and Design, we will help you writing some articles about it. Try to know what is UML(Unified Modeling Language) and how this will help you. Realize JDeveloper has an environment to design using UML, and this is very helpful.

Well … what’s next? Probably to specialize on Web, Server, Oracle ADF, Struts, etc. It’s common to find people specialized on client or server technologies; it’s too much to be good on everything. Good luck!!!

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