Dear Management Team at Andela, Inc.



Greetings! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. I am a developer, coder, enthusiast, and blogger. Furthermore, I am a lifelong information technology professional. It turns out that we have something in common! I stumbled across a project that one of your Andela teams is engaged with, named “Codango”, a social and code sharing / collaboration effort. It is even staged for testing (or so it seems) at Heroku.

As luck would have it, I operate a web site named Codango™ ( and a part-time development and tech business called Codango™ Labs. Codango™ has been around since 2006. Although it has changed it’s ‘look and feel’ a bit, it’s all about coding, and always has been… whether it’s web programming, web design, or virtually any kind of web development “out there”.

In fact, the very word Codango™ is “Coding” in the Nyanja (Chinyanja) language, also known as Chewa (Chichewa) after the largest tribe speaking it. It is a Bantu language spoken by over 15 million people in Southern Africa. Because of that, and it’s long-held trademarked name, I feel that Codango™, and Andela – given your empowering push into the continent – have unique synergistic potential.

I would love to have a conversation with you about your project!

Thanks in advance for your time today.


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