This Infographic Will Inspire Your Web Design

The world of web design is a fast-moving one. With new trends and techniques appearing seemingly out of nowhere every month, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everything going on.

Luckily, the lovely people at Design Advisor have compiled an infographic detailing fifteen of the most important web design trends of this year. The (befittingly) well-designed infographic runs through case studies, research figures and overall recommendations that will help anyone trying to get a handle on recent developments.

Take trend number ten as an example – Contact Information. What might seem a banality actually requires serious thought, as the facts show that 44% of total website visitors will leave a site if no contact details are provided. Providing easily accessible contact information is an excellent strategy to deploy. For example, coffee shop chain JJ Bean managed to increase web traffic, transactions and minutes on site after they designed an easy way for customers to find their locations.

Case studies like these inspire further recommendations and good practices, as each section also includes Do’s and Don’ts that will help those who need practical advice to improve their web design.

By showcasing an extensive range of different trends, the infographic caters to those looking for grand changes as well as those looking to make small tweaks. From investing in layout redesign to developing content campaigns and seemingly insignificant things such as having an appropriate number of pages, optimization strategies and increasing your web speed.

The fact is, spending some time and money on improving web design is probably one of the smartest business decisions to make. Almost 30% of small businesses don’t have a website, and many of those who do have not taken the time to implement responsive design. This infographic is a good place to start your journey towards a more optimized webpage.


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