How to use crystal reports in ASP.NET with Visual Studio 2012

Download the source code of a website which uses crystal reports at Become a barter, go to downloads section and get the source code for …


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17 Replies to “How to use crystal reports in ASP.NET with Visual Studio 2012”

  1. kaustubh sir plz upload how to add crystal report in vs 2012 i have problem since many days so plz record another video of how to add crystal report in vs 2012 plz plz i realy need this plz explain in details i can't find any sources and plz reply me at
    thak you sir.

  2. HI Mandar,
    You need to install Crystal reports for visual studio 2012 ( developer version), i have given the link to download the exe.

    Once you install, restart Visual studio 2012, u will find crystal report controls in reporting section of ur toolbox. Then you can proceed with using them as shown in the above video.

  3. Hi sir , I installed crystal report and all relevant installation file. But I still having issues on viewing crystal report when i press 'F5' (Nothing shown). I deployed to IIS 7 but still having issues. I'm currently using Microsoft SQL server 2012. Please advice

  4. Hello Everyone, extremely sorry for this poor quiality video…I have created one more video on this same topic. The quality is excellent and it answers all your questions regarding use of crystal reports in VS 2012.

    Please watch the other video of mine, link is there at the beginning of this video description.

  5. i hope you can help me on this
    when i try to pass the stored procedure and logon parameters programmatically to the server, it gives me a missing parameters error message 
    i don't really know what's going on 
    i'm using VS 2013 with CR 13.0.2 on it

    here is the vs code 
     int shipmentid = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["ID"]);
                ReportDocument crystalReport = new ReportDocument();
                crystalReport.FileName = Server.MapPath(@"~/rpt_billTranslation.rpt");
                crystalReport.SetParameterValue("@shipmentID", shipmentid);
                crystalReport.SetDatabaseLogon("username", "password", "servername", "database name");
    now what's wrong with it?

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