How to Remove the Duplicate iTunes?

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Music is unique to human beings. As such, listening to music is the benefit reserved only to human beings. It makes us feel comfortable and it is very effective for relaxation. But if we find the same song playing over and over again because of the duplicate files in the iTunes library or in windows media player, we have the opposite effect.

If the duplicate tracks are the only problem we are having in the iTunes, it is easy to solve. We can use iTunes built-in “Find Duplicates” feature to find and remove the duplicate tracks.

On the other hand, if the files on the hard disk are duplicated, it will be a quite tedious process as it requires a lot of temp disk space. It can be removed manually in the following ways:

1. Remove the duplicate tracks using iTunes built-in “Find Duplicates” feature.

2. Drag the tracks that are still in iTunes Library to a new folder on the drive.

3. It will give a complete copy of the Library without any duplicates.

4. Delete every track in iTunes and every file in the original Library on the drive.

5. Copy the contents of the new Folder to the Library folder and place the Library Folder back into iTunes.

The new Library folder will have no duplicates.

Another method is using VBScript to remove the duplicates. This will work only in Windows and it is a coding language to make custom programs. To perform this method:

1. Open the VBScript in a new browser window.

2. Copy and paste the script in a Notepad.

3. In line #2, replace ‘DaCeige’ with your username. ‘DaCeige’, a reader wrote the script. After editing it will be C:UsersDaCeigeMusiciTunesiTunes Music

4. Name the notepad and save it by adding the file extension name ‘vbs’.

5. Create a shortcut to the script on the desktop and double clicking the file.

6. It will run the script.

7. Allow the script to run even if there is any warning for viruses by selecting the option.

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