How to implement Scrum using Team Foundation Server with Gerard Beckerleg Today, 84% of Agile teams are using Scrum. Gerard …


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25 Replies to “How to implement Scrum using Team Foundation Server with Gerard Beckerleg”

  1. Perfect explanation on SCRUM and implementation of SCRUM using TFS. Great Job Gerard.
    Just one point with respect to Events, is Product Backlog grooming/refinement is not an event?

  2. Thank you, this is a very informative video. Our team currently uses TFS and SOME agile concepts. I believe we could benefit from moving to SCRUM. However, one of our constraints is the need to deliver specific artifacts to the client. At the conclusion of your projects, do you still deliver some form of documentation or design guide? I believe what I have found is that documentation gaps are introduced through some of the flexibility that is required in an Agile environment… As the iterations progress, requirements change or evolve, but these changes aren't always documented anywhere other than the development tasks.

  3. Excellent, thank you. We are in an EDI shop where the work isn't so much about new products as it is about maintenance and process improvement. This seems to make it harder for people to adopt the principles of Agile or the processes of Scrum, any suggestions?

  4. This was great thank you so much. I wanted to ask you how we deal with impediments. Also, when we open bugs do we just link them to product backlog items?

  5. ssw team, thanks alot and convey my special thanks to Gerard. most of his videos are very good and straight to the point with real-time examples. All ssw videos are much useful, appreciated.

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