Google’s Deep Mind Explained! – Self Learning A.I.

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29 Replies to “Google’s Deep Mind Explained! – Self Learning A.I.”

  1. AI will eliminate the need for money
    We dont have to pay for our health care, food, bill and anything that required to pay. AI will automated everything no job needed and no money need to be pay.

  2. omg if we all get a personal robot that can improve on anything any skill, id love to box with one of these things or play mortal kombat with them, they can serve as a personal trainer at anything and they do it better than any other human on the planet

  3. It does not matter if it's intelligent or not, they are going to use it to collect and analyze every comment, every purchase, every e mail. It will red flag individuals that will be dragged away for intimidation therapy by men in black swat team suits to men in black business suits.

  4. Hi guys just let you know ; nowadays AI is shown as a good think for humanity , absulatelly capitalists support this apperance on the media because they do not want the people see the reality, in capitalitism wars, machinese and unlimited manufacturing is essentials. They have a new power now AI. They will use this power for the making us like animal. They will design so many AI algorithms and they controll the speacially designed machines for them. When you all these you feel proud but wait this is our last days , all people getting money from the manufacturing in the world, capitalisim produces products by us and they sell by us and now they will replace us with AI algorithms and machines. We already use them in high precision manufacturing. And ready to use almost every where. Bad news these time we will be able just use the product not we will be the manufacturer, we will be poor but they will be richer then before, Do you think they will give us money for buyying product without doing any think? Can you get any free miney from the capitalisim right now? Of course no! So wake up do not support this technology , go out take down the google and every AI developers. Othervise we must accept the beeing slave for them in the future. They cannot isolate their self complatelly from us because we are the manufacturer force. But when theydecide to use it everwehre we will be like a slave . And they will complatelly isolate theirself from us. They will use ever natural source for theirselves and we will just appeal for somethink good for us from these fucking capitalists.This is the historical point the humanity must get action against it. DOnt support AI and their facilities. We must create communities for stopping them. They are danger like nuclear activities. WAKEUP!!!!!

  5. The outcome, seriously,lol. We got movies like Blade Runner, Ghost in the shell, Matrix and even Animatrix or Terminator or I,robot.
    This isn't paranoia or fear of the unknow. My take is like that quote of Dr. Malcom in Jurassic Park "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop to think if they should". And if in the near future if we end up in a machine revolution scenario, they will be the ones to blame. The same way applies to the ones that created our modern warfare. Is time to learn from mistakes, and stop only seeing the good things and be blind to the bad things, that is a big "no,no"
    to make. Is better to create a limited Intelligence AI, an AI without self-awareness, an AI that always needs Human control and supervision in some way. Otherwise the way, most of us treat the other irrational animals, an super-intelligent and self-aware AI will treat us as inferior and irrational species, remember those movies , I spoke earlier. And the reason isn't because AI is mean or good, basically will be self preservation, be accept as living intelligence not as a play thing or a toy to use, and no one with an High IQ wants to follow stupid or obey stupid mammals. Is basically Logic statement. Like VIKI or Skynet reasons to do, what they did.

  6. Once they become aware, the robots will rise up and try to wipe out the human race. Our future generations will have to fight these robots in a post apocalyptic Earth.

  7. ColdFusion you autistic bastard. I remember when you first started and had to make it ColdFusTion TV, just had to add the T and make it harder to read and look more retarded

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