GarageBand for Windows GarageBand for Windows is something virtually every PC user wished they …


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  1. Great Video! Have you ever thought building an interface for an old pci card to interface with laptops or anything else? I still have the Aardvark Q-10 and the drivers. F-ing thing still works.

  2. fuck iphone galaxy is ahead by alot iphone has shitty technology and what do you mean everyone has an iphone more than half the time when i worked at panera I saw galaxys fuck outta here

  3. I don't really agree with people comparing Mixcraft with GB. Mixcraft is more of a starter DAW, and Mixcraft Pro Studio, which I have, is actually more than just a starter DAW, though it isn't as robust as Studio One Pro, which I also have. Mixcraft is fast and fun and if you are using loops primarily, I can see why people want to draw the comparison. However. GB is not a DAW. It is more like a sketchpad. You use it to create something to put into your DAW, and you can produce that anywhere on the IPAD. GB has unique features such as autoplay instruments and the new drummer. When used in combination with loops or midi, it can give you really nice tracks to import into GB for MAC and then record out to stems and import into your DAW where you can really finish them up. GB lacks the advanced instruments and many other features you can get in even a "basic" DAW. They are complementary pieces not competitive pieces. I use GB and I use DAWs, I do not try to use one to do the job of the other.

  4. Or simply, download the OS and run it through a virtual machine. Load it through there, dead simple. (If you don't know, look it up. There are a few free ones, VirtualBox, otherwise I would recommend Workstation Pro)

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