freon CPU cooling

EN: This is a freon cooling system made especially for my motherboard and this computer case. Basically is a mini fridge made from scratch , every pipe is cut …


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  1. Inca mai folosesti sistemul asta de racire? Din cate am auzit, compresorul frigiderului nu e facut pentru racire constanta (si folosirea lui ore in sir duce la defectarea lui). Super proiect oricum!

  2. I did something similar to this with a fridge compressor but I put the compressor on a skid in the crawl space and used the ground under the house as a condenser, i.e Heat Pump. The result was more consistant temps and no compressor noise in my studio. I ended up switching to a water block on the cpu & gpu and using the heat pump to cool those parts. Nice work on the evap BTW. Your brazing is a bit shit but the design is glorious

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