Freelancing Tips

Here are some tips I learned over the years freelancing. The intro is by:


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  1. Good video on the freelancing reality. Like you, I prefer working for a company than freelance. After 5 yrs of freelancing I want to find a full time job. I am having a hard time updating my resume. How to list the freelance work without scaring off potential employers? Should I use a heading for "freelene" and list tasks done then list companies? I feel lost. Thanks. 

  2. I came across terrible coding in a certain job (not freelancing) and tried to work with it and come to a solution. The only solution was to ditch the entire project's mess and start over, I left that job for another as it wasn't worth it.

  3. The way I did it was I have an entire category listed as "Freelance", and then I listed a bunch of my favorite projects with details about what I did. I tried to keep it to 1 page. Talent is hard to find for companies, they are more likely looking for you than you think. You just have to find the right place, a good place to start is LinkedIn and add a bunch of recruiters and other people in the same industry.

  4. Craigslist has a lot of people who need work for cheap gigs — once and a while you may find a very good one. I would avoid ODesk the earnings are too low. Freelancers decent but way too competitive. If you have a nice site, and find one person to do work for do your best job and theyll refer you. Everyone knows someone, its like a chain reaction.

  5. Etsy? Dont listen to that.

    The key suggestions: TEACH a class online (curses, tutorials, support, ebooks, etc), have products in themeforest and the like, passive simple tasks in FIVVER, Write a blog! (sell ad space to your clients, build a network with other bloggers to get traffic)

  6. Its not wrong what you say in general. I appreciate your thoughts. Though my experience with freelancing is different. Im young and i pay may room, so im kinda flexible with what I need to earn and what I experienced is a weird thing about favours. Most of the time, yes, youre getting used, and thats the point where you say no. But if someone comes around with a niche product, a really good idea and he can prove to you that hes making money of it it is YOUR turn to invest your time to make that vision happen.

    If you make it happen, you suddenly become a part of a startup, and suddenly you are in the position of a CTO and make a ton of money. I experienced it myself, I did a lot of cheap shitty jobs, yes, but in the end i met the right people, and got lucky. I hope for all freelancers that they get that chance as well. And I think as a freelancer, you should see yourself as an investor and invest your time wisely in the right people.

    If you try to make money out of websites, clients will think: "why do I need responsive, I think this guy just wants my money". Stop it, its about the client, not about you.

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