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Medicine and education may be traditionally favored routes through college, but what’s to stop you studying one of the newer college degree programs? Many of the most popular majors now appearing in college prospectuses cater to the growing number of hi-tech and consumer based industries popping up all over the world. Make no mistake– these are the ones to look out for if you want to combine an innovative approach with hard-edged business acumen.


A challenging yet very rewarding choice, Biotechnology is an up-and-coming area of research that combines engineering, biology and technology. This is a real chance for you to make a difference to the worlds of medicine and agriculture, working for any number of pharmaceutical organizations, the government and biochemical companies or non-profit organizations.

Digital Video and Media Production

The world in which we live is changing at a faster rate than ever, with digital media production and technology influencing the way in which we receive information and our increasingly complex interaction with the media. Digital media production is becoming a hot college degree choice, offering the chance to learn about the latest technology and techniques in filmmaking, television, editing and animation.

Emergency Administration and Planning

In a world which is increasingly under threat from natural and man-made disasters, we need professionals who can plan appropriate response measures when emergency situations arise, and who can educate communities to help minimize the impact of future events. Large corporations may hire graduates in this field, but many work for international government organizations such as the Red Cross.

Emerging Media

Bringing the traditional Communications degree bang up to date for an Internet Age audience, Emerging Media allows students to explore the way in which new technologies can be applied to the business world. From Web sites and blogs to social networks and podcasts, Emerging Media trains you to become a communications expert in the cyberspace world.

Forensic Accounting

Fancy studying Business, but prefer to do something a bit more “outside the box”?

If you’re a whiz with figures and would like to mix this with investigative and legal skills, Forensic Accounting could be for you! Forensic accountants analyze the financial actions of businesses, and may be called on in legal trials to give evidence relating to fraud cases.

Forensic Sciences

Let’s face it, many of us are glued to crime-based drama shows on TV, and would like to think that we could do better when solving the mysteries! Forensic science is becoming increasingly popular as a major, combining investigative skills with down to earth scientific knowledge in the fields of biology and chemistry… an intriguing twist on the traditional science disciplines!

Green Majors

College degree programs have cottoned on to the fact that it pays to be green, and Environmentalism is now more than just a soundbite opportunity for campaigning politicians, and the world is waking up to the importance of educating students in this vital area of study.

Health Information Management

Due to an increasingly aging population and higher-than-ever life expectancies, the US is experiencing an unprecedented demand for healthcare. A growing niche in the healthcare market is for health information management professionals to gather and report back on healthcare data. This data is then used to develop and administer systems that not only ensure patient privacy and confidentiality, but also help medical professionals in making their diagnoses.

Video Gaming

Imagine being able to tell your parents that all that time you spent glued in front of your Xbox will finally lead you to gaining a college degree. Yes, it’s true! A Video Gaming major will make you a true professional in all aspects of this multi-million dollar industry, not to mention very popular with your friends!

Because of their up-and-coming nature, these majors may not be available at every college. You may have to look at specialty vocational colleges or online college courses [  jsp ].

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