How to Create Clickable Social Cards in Seconds

Clickable social cards are one of the best ways to increase engagement rates and drive traffic through the roof. In one Facebook study, users were able to increase traffic from the platform by an incredible 250% with the help of social cards, while a study from Twitter showed that British mobile company, Three, saw a 26% increase in engagement rates and received 64% more URL clicks when using social cards.

So what makes social cards so incredibly effective at fostering engagement and building a strong brand identity? Unlike regular image posts that simply show a larger version of the image when you click on them, clicking on any part of a social card sends users directly to the landing page of your choice.

This is why clickable social cards are such a useful tool for driving quality traffic from the social media platform. They can be used to promote products and services, blog posts, app/software downloads, competition landing pages, among many other things.

Since creating clickable social cards can be quite time-consuming and challenging, new website owners can benefit greatly from using the free online tool to help them make social cards in just seconds!

Want to know more about AnyImage tool? Then don’t miss the infographic below!

Clickable Social Cards InfoGraphic

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