Codango® Labs


This is the offspring of Codango™, the classic web and database development Internet-based resource sharing platform, and our Internet services and consulting practice from as far back as 1999.

Our primary focus for customers consists of these services:

Speedy Internet and Intranet Website and Portal Deployment

If you are a small or medium-sized business and do not have both of these, you’re missing out. Missing out on what?

  • Portals For Your Customers That You Can Maintain
  • Scanning/Scanner Technology And Storage
  • Internet/Intranet Electronic Web-Based Forms
  • Secure Delivery Of Documents
  • Enhancing Your Paperless Footprint
  • Keeping Employees Informed

Branded Corporate Email

Have you done business with someone who’s professional email address ends in * or *

  • If you have, did you ever wonder why their email address doesn’t end in
  • Unless they work for a company named Gmail or Yahoo, this isn’t best practice.
  • We can help with that branded email presence. We will set up your email services, configure your devices for company mail use, you name it.

We Can Also Be Engaged For:

  • Internet Services consulting, such as domain names, web hosting, and email services
  • Web site and web application development
  • Forensics, detection, and reporting
  • Mobile application development
  • Data and information analysis / forensics
  • Inappropriate or illegal technology activity search and documentation
  • Evidence gathering and preparation / litigation support
  • Intelligence gathering

If you need our help – contact us.