Codango™ Labs Services

Codango™ is all about coding. True, we find and share resources… but we’re our own favorite resource. We’re all about coding! Code runs in the background and foreground of everything that we do.
Codango™ Services
This is where it all started! What many do not realize, is that we provide a variety of services to organizations worldwide.
Codango™ Domain and Hosting Service and Support
We have been in the domain and hosting business for decades, and offer both Linux and Windows Hosting, Consulting, and Management Services. The Internet is packed to the gills with information on this topic. We know that it can be overwhelming. Codango™ Domain, Hosting, and Cloud services will break everything down for you, so that you know what must be done to:

  • Select a domain name
  • Acquire a domain name
  • Secure your registrar account
  • Choose a web hosting provider
  • Maintain your web site
  • Implement a CMS (Content Management System)

We can host your code, applications, and software – and manage it as well.
Codango™ Store - Various Products and Services
Here, you can buy various hardware, software, and even apparel. Much of this content includes affiliate links for Codango™ – but we will recommend many of them on occasion. We’ve used them before, and in many cases, continue to use them.
Codango™ Solutions for Business.
This service is a very diverse lot. Many software solutions are already in place that simply need to be implemented and customized. We have deployed just about one of everything, and are experts in several technology and security paradigms because of it. If you are simply not sure where to begin, check with Codango™ Solutions. We can help get you pointed in the right direction.

Often, our customers need code, applications, and software created custom for them. Just as often, our customers need our help analyzing or troubleshooting their code. Other times, we just maintain their code, applications, and software. This may be ongoing maintenance of their web site. Or, it may be a nightly backup of their WordPress database.
Codango™ Graphics, Logo, and Web Design Services
This web site is all about graphics, logos, and general web design. The look and feel aspects that your visitors will see. What will captivate them and keep them coming back. The design world is sometimes a confusing one. Let Codango™ Design services help.
Codango™ Information Technology Services
Because of the intrinsic link between software and hardware – AND our industry experience, our consultative approach to information technology services connects the dots for your organization. All of the coding services in the world are useless until you implement the devices that execute that code, and the networks that connect them. Codango™ Tech services will handle everything, front-to-back.

If you have any questions, or wish to learn more… please contact us.