Codango™ – A Brief History


The domain was reserved, with the intent of combining a Classic ASP, an, a PHP, and JSP resource site into one.
The “TM” was added to form the Codango™ mark.

2007 / Codango™ was launched into public beta.
Served up resources for programming and development in Classic ASP,, PHP, and JSP.
Provided various Internet services including analysis, product reviews, hosting, consulting and development services under Codango™ Labs.


Codango™ expanded the programming languages it shares resources about, to include SQL, AJAX, CFML, Flash, CGI, HTML5, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, VBScript, XML, Ruby, and Perl.
Our web site platform changed from a hybrid of Classic ASP and, to WordPress, running on a LAMP stack.


With the further advent of DevOps, and the intrinsic connection with all other aspects of technology, Codango™ increases it’s focus on all things that support the development / programming world, including:

  • Cloud and Hosting Operations
  • Web Design
  • _aaS Solutions
  • News Reporting
  • Product and Service Reviews
  • Just Tech in General, and
  • And a deeper delve into the social media scene.


In an effort to create additional business opportunities, Codango™ launches the beginning of a global outreach by creating a presence not only in North America, but for South America, Europe, Eurasia, Asia, and Africa, specifically:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • UK


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