Catia V5 Tutorials|Part Design|Stiffener

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33 Replies to “Catia V5 Tutorials|Part Design|Stiffener”

  1. Hi Nitesh,

    The video on coupling is already available in my channel, Please take a closer look..!!

    I will include the link to the video under the description above for your convenience.

    Thank You

  2. Can't get this to work. I did EXACTLY as you showed in the video and I get "Feature Definition Error: The selected sketch contains several open profiles or some geometry used for construction. You must specify the construction geometry to solve the profile ambiguity." I didn't use construction lines or anything like that. I even tried it on new Parts to see if my model was the issue but evidently it is not. Please help? Thanks.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Now coming to your doubt, For a stiffener to work, There should be only one opening for the profile you create, and the open end points of the profile should be coincident with the closing surfaces of the corresponding part.

    Go through the video again and keep this point in mind.

    Get back to me soon with the result.

    All the best.

  4. Wait… You can still use the Pad command. Just make the sketch higher so it intersects with the cylinder…

    Anyway, thanks for the explanation. I couldn't figure it out by trial and error 🙂

  5. In the L-plate with the cylinder…I think one end point of the stiffener you have taken slightly  inside the end of the cylinder….
    Can we do the same by clicking one end point exactly at the end of the cylinder?

  6. thanks for the video. I am doing the same thing that you did in the video but it doesn't work. the two open parts of the stiffener line was created using the 3D project and then removed the projected parts. when I try to run the command it says: topological operators: invalid profile body. what am I missing in this? Thank you in advance for the reply.

  7. Thank u for this video i want you that clearly every module with a each command and how to use that command for all catia V5 R20
    please provide me that videos thank u again

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