Building a CMS: Structure and Styling

This is what you will be creating...
This is what you will be creating…

There has been a trend of “flat CMS design” webservers. This simply refers to a Content Management System (CMS) that does not store its information in a database. Instead, all information is stored in plain text files. Since many virtual private servers (VPS) these days are using RAM-based hard drives, this approach is faster and a bit more secure.

In this series of tutorials, I will show you how to create your own flat file system CMS using some standard web technology. These systems are not as full featured as others, but have the basics with a good response time.

With all the information on the hard drive, file organization becomes a big issue. With that in mind, the site information will be in a different directory than the styling and layout information. Also, each type of page has its own directory under the site folder with a parts directory for small parts of the CMS. This keeps everything in its own place and makes a flexible system.

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