7 Best Software Tools to Increase Sales Efficiency

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Without selling, every business will die a slow and sure death because sales are the only lifeline any business has. Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to ways you can use to improve sales in your business if you don’t want to close shop. One of the boons of modern technology is the emergence of salesboosting apps and tools. With the market offering modern businesses various options, you are lost for choice since we have many competing tools doing the same things. We understand that besides daily deal magento extension, you should arm yourself with apps and tools to take your efficiency in sales to the next level. We ask you to remain with this post since as it progresses, you will learn more about the best apps you should embrace to boost your sales.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Let us start with the world’s biggest and favorite professional social network—LinkedIn. With close to half a billion members, this platform is a favorite hub for companies and individuals seeking to grow their business networks. With this large user base, the platform offers users an opportunity to grow sales through digital marketing. For those who want to maximize the marketing potential of this platform, they can take advantage of its Sales Navigator tool to boost sales. With the Navigator in your hands, you can enjoy customized lead suggestions, access advanced searches to get your ideal sales leads, optimize its InMail provision to contact LinkedIn members, as well as get realtime updates regarding clients and prospective customers. Moreover, you can enjoy a free trial.


Another favorite tool for boosting your sales is SaleLoft. This tool is ideal for enhancing your selling efforts as a professional and business owner. By taking advantage of its emailing capabilities, you can enjoy benefits such as tracking your emails using Gmail, implementing semi-automation tools, and customizing batch emails.


If you want to get your sales to rise higher, then Highrise is the tool for this purpose. With this sales tool, you can manage your contacts with improved communication and collaboration. It allows you to connect with thirdparty tools, improve productivity by monitoring tasks and setting reminders, and sharing crucial information about your network, for instance, emails and contact details.


With this platform at your disposal, you can improve your sales team performance by viewing their daily performance in realtime. It helps in the definition of key sales trends and keeping sales teams on their toes as they push daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You can also enjoy other features and benefits such as providing sales representatives with customized analytics, historical trends, and comparisons among team members. Additionally, it allows you to optimize realtime sales information to understand the sales funnels better as well as building campaigns to enhance the psyche of your team.


If you want to make the best of email in your sales campaigns, then you need this email application. As one of the leading and favorite email tools, you can use it to manage small or big online stores. Some of its capabilities include flexibility of design to accommodate any size of brand, ease of integrating it with other apps, market streamlining ability, connection to your store, and analytics to grow your business.


If you want to take your sales to another level, include this tool in your list of sales performance apps. You can use it to remain in touch with your staff, partners, and clients. You can also arm your sales reps with it to connect with their teams worldwide. With this tool at your disposal, you can track sales productivity in realtime, automate your business and productivity efforts, manage your workflows, manage sales territories, and forecast sales.


Meetings are an important part of all effective sales teams and efforts. With this tool, you can use it easily to plan and manage online meetings, do video conferencing, interact with your prospects, record and share meeting options, and integrate it with VOIP in realtime.


Emails are critical for advancing sales in any organization that appreciates technology. With this app, you can track your emails and know exactly when your readers open and read your emails. It also allows you to enjoy advanced email templates and reminders.


With this tool in use, you can access various sales solutions for your selling campaigns. Also, you create the muchneeded bridge between sales and marketing to construct better customer personas and evaluate practices more precisely. The app allows you to build things that boost sales, for example, analytics that help you in prediction and lead scoring. The app allows you to boost how you use your marketing content and save your team the precious time it could have wasted searching for content. To make things better and easier, the tool allows you to combine sensitive details from kindred firms to give you realistic benchmarking and client insight that can help you to get better sales.

Zoho CRM

Effective selling is not just about the results you aim to achieve, no. The process also matters, and hence, the need to get an app that helps you to enhance processes. With this app, you can manage your processes more effectively and contact your buyers using different media. It also allows you to enjoy superior insights on running your business better and simplify your selling processes. Besides, it offers users advanced analytics necessary for making savvy and informed decisions. The tool also enables you to create precise marketing activities, perform email outreaches, monitor your marketing expenditure, and enhance the quality of your sales leads. Moreover, it can integrate with other social applications such as Facebook and Twitter not to mention that you can enjoy a twoweek free trial before deciding to buy.


Doing sales without accurate management is like sending a team at the FIFA world cup without a coach. If you want a successful selling team and campaigns, get your team managers tools to help them manage their teams better. With this tool, you can make the sales manager’s job more convenient and easy. This automation tool is a great boon for small businesses since it helps them to save time, get more sales leads, and boost conversion rates. It is also great for managing selling processes. Sales managers can also use it to organize their sales activities and assignments, evaluate their prospects based on their behaviors, and follow up potential buyers with customized emails. Moreover, the app offers users a mobile program to keep them up to date with their sales processes on the move. Lastly, you can integrate it with other apps such as QuickBooks to reconcile your accounts.

Effective selling is the engine and spine of all modern businesses seeking a competitive edge in a highly crowded market. One way of doing this is by using salesboosting apps on the market to help you beat the competition. We believe that you will embrace the apps we have shared with you in this post and improve your sales productivity.

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