BASIC is Making a Comeback, on Multiple OS Platforms!

Basic (-ally) Speaking…

I have seen many tools, systems, add-ins, infrastructures, you name it at Heck, I have even installed, tested, reviewed, and even continue to use some of them. I have seen basic elementary resources, and advanced ones.

Some are amazingly fantastic. Some, not so much.

Never have I come across something that I would call transcendental.

Brief History Lesson

Yours truly received his first exposure to computing and programming, as a teenager. My parents managed to buy me a TRS-80 Color Computer as a Christmas present, and  I was most impressed, because they did not have huge salaries. In fact, it is a wonder to this day how they actually afforded it, but I digress.

Learning how to program in BASIC, which stands for Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, using the TRS-80, was what first sparked my interest in computing technology.

BASIC was not exactly intuitive, nor did it have IDEs or other graphical tools which assisted the programmer with accomplishing tasks quickly like “contemporary languages”. For me, it was a learning curve… and I would not say that I had obtained any level of mastery, but I could get around, and absorb enough to be dangerous!


I recall that the algebra book issued to us in the 9th grade had BASIC programming sections at the end of each chapter. Once you actually entered the code into a BASIC file, and saved it – you could run those programs. I learned early on that programming indeed provided a great deal of utility for us humans.

That was about 3 year’s worth of entertainment and education for me. I lost track of BASIC, personally, and had moved on to other things technical.

BASIC has had a roadmap of it’s own. You can read more about it at WikiPedia.

In comes QB64.


This content is excerpted directly from their Wiki

“QB64 is a modern version of the Basic programming language that allows programs created using Quick Basic 4.5 or Qbasic to run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Linux and Mac OSX. It will work on 32 or 64 bit machines and has many new features such as stereo sound, improved graphics and TCP/IP internet capabilities. QB64 can make fast and reliable programs or games for the entire family!”

The above statement is absolutely true in each regard. This is a fact, for I have tried it myself.

BASIC Programming Editor... Remember this?
This is the app running on my Windows 7 development machine…

The picture below is yours truly playing a game of Shoot, from BASIC (QB64). This project has the potential for all sorts of uses and applications, especially with the recycling of so many old BASIC applications. It is highly functional, and it runs on newer operating system technology.

BASIC Game compiled with QB64
BASIC Game compiled with QB64

It is highly recommend that you read more about this project. I am definitely interested in learning more, and experimenting with this phenomena. I am creating a special category at Codango for the sole purpose of keeping you up to date with code snippets and tutorials. New releases are being pushed out all of the time, and the team supporting this project are a group of committed developers. After hanging out with them in an IRC chat, I know that they have some great things in store for this revival of seemingly “old technology”, and it is exciting to think about. This is what I mean by transcendental, and I know you know what I mean!

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