A genetic algorithm learns how to fight!

For more details about the neural network, the programming, click here : http://doublezoom.free.fr/programmation/AG_Exemple_Fighting.php (french) This is an …


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42 Replies to “A genetic algorithm learns how to fight!”

  1. Are you using the genetic algorithm to learn the neaural net? And if you do, how? Are you using the green and red one to create a new one? I am verry curieus.

  2. I am new to programing learning AI (like a new born). Is there anyway you would be willing to give me the code for this?
    If it is on that website please forgive my inability to read french.

  3. Dans ton réseau de neurones, pour les sorties de la deuxième couche, j'imagine qu'il y a un seuil pour chaque sortie, comment choisis-tu ces seuils ?

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