5 Powerful Ways to Convince E-commerce Visitors to Buy More

 From the date of the initial purchase made in your online shop till each propelling to the next level, you have to survive in the conditions of intense competition attracting ever new customers. According to the latest statistics on total global retail sales for a five-year period of 2015-2021, e-commerce has made 10,1% of the sales in 2017 and is prognosticated to make up to 16 percent by 2021.One can hardly conceive of the numerical symbols, much less of the e-commerce sites number opening each day. The recently undertaken survey based on the US buyers activity results shows more than 13% of customers purchased at least 3 daily deals within the last 12 months. Which means there is little need to have a good grasp in the statistical evidence, though there are new challenges ahead for any engaged merchant striving for better results.
In this post, we are to look at 5 methods that you can apply to boost sales and attract newcomers.

1. Optimize Conversion Rate

Having reached at least 600 transactions a month, you might have come up with growth issues, e.g.: a competition on price and shipping, an increment load, a product return/refund, etc. Therefore, the conversion rate optimization is the point you need to pay attention to. You need to gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data, which is to show you results on why visitors leave your store without purchasing products.

For this purpose, you may run insights from UX research, analysis metrics, interviews, and surveys, as well as A/B testing on your website.

2. Increase Traffic with SEO

Pay attention to the domain rank or the ranking strength of your website. The showing determines your place in Google search results and the organic traffic you get to your store.

SEO ranking is a unique methodology of applied techniques run for increasing the number of your website’s visitors, as well as getting a higher position in the SERP (a search engine results page). Improving your visibility in non-paid search engine results will significantly drive your traffic thus pushing up your sales.

3. Get More Traffic with Social Nets Accounts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter platforms’ ads is a right way to go. The social media can bring additional authoritativeness and reliability to your e-commerce store. Add Facebook reviews to your online shop pages to make them look full-proof and attractive for customers.

Engage your customers in more activity and interactions embedding the comments feature. Allow your clients to duplicate the reviews from social nets making your product pages more enjoyable.

4. Reduce the Number of Abandoned Carts

Missing out on potential purchases you reduce the income. Although the problem is common for all online stores, your task is to find out the reasons why it takes place and eliminate the obstacles. According to recent researches, any store gets over one-third of what they may potentially achieve.

5. Advance Your Email Campaigns

Keep up with the latest trends of email marketing, send your customers emails regularly, e.g. ‘welcome emails’, ‘follow-up emails’, ‘abandoned cart emails’, ‘newsletters’, ‘wish-list emails’, etc. Apply additional extensions to run cutting-edge campaigns and stand to benefit from the program. Customize the email templates to stand out and attract customers with one-of-a-kind creativity.

The bottom line

The viable methods are experimental features, though your take on the issue may differ a lot. Besides, such tactics as ‘upselling’, ‘product reviews adding’, ‘ad spendings increase’, ‘pop-up ads/windows’, ‘market surveys’, ‘creativity’, etc. do matter a lot too.

What is more, aside from all the potentially useful methods, the market is overloaded with additional tools and extensions for the methods accomplishment. Thus, sometimes a greater profit can be achieved with no need for customer base build-up.

At long last, nothing but an individual approach and customized solutions will work without a major hitch and convince your visitors to buy more.

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