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By: Lori Wade

Do you know how to engage your visitors with the help of content that you publish on social networks? Do you think that you have already used all possible methods to make social networks work for you? We have some ideas that will bring your experience to a totally new level and you will start enjoying social media marketing even more. Here you will find 5 key strategies for writing clickable articles that will suit any social network.

Today, SMM has the same importance for your business as your own personal website. It goes without saying that a good company, no matter the industry, has a profile on at least a couple of social networks. For example, online stores use Facebook and Instagram to promote their goods while lawyers and real estate agents won’t miss a chance to establish communication with their clients via LinkedIn. Of course, you need to choose the most suitable social network in order to make sure that your SMM strategy works correctly. What does it mean? If your target audience does not actively use the chosen network, it would be a mistake to expect a high level of engagement.

So now when we know the basic principle of SMM, let’s move to the tips that will definitely increase the level of engagement and make your readers click more.

1. Use lead generation tactics

First, let’s define what lead generation is. According to the multiple sources, lead generation is the process of turning your visitor into a prospect. In digital marketing, it happens in the following way. You ask your readers to leave their contacts in exchange for some information that may be interesting for them. And you can definitely use this strategy when writing your posts for social networks!

In your article, add the links to the materials that are related to the theme and are important for your readers. It would be better to create your own ebooks or white papers that will prove your personal expertise and will show that you have enough competence in this field. When readers read your article, they will see this link and click on it. Still, the link should be explained here – what your reader will get by clicking it and what benefits it has for them.

2. Post valuable information with proofs

Your readers will love it if you provide them with valuable information that they have been looking for. Thus, you need to always remember that your content should be not only attractive but also useful. In a modern world of social networks, there is no place for the articles that have been written only to be added as a piece of content. You need to use all possible means for writing articles that will make the visitors subscribe to your page.

You need to understand that the headline of your article has a huge importance. It must be catchy for the readers, it must refer to their problems, and it must include keywords so that people can find your website using search engines. Of course, headlines are not important for Instagram, here, the descriptions of your posts play the key role. Again, it would be better to add links here in order to be able to track how many visitors followed this link and why exactly that have done that.

3. Always speak to the audience

Several years ago, there was no such strategy as speaking to the audience. Mostly, writers created content that was not aimed at the engagement of the audience. However, today everything’s different. If you want to make your article clickable, you should pay attention to how you communicate with your audience. Remember that every single person who reads your article wants to know that you are interested in their opinion. They want to keep communicating with you. That’s why you need to add to your texts encouragements to leave feedback, ask questions, share recommendations, etc.

Another important thing is to really communicate with your audience through your writing. Thus, if you ask to leave comments, answer them. People will see that you are interested in their opinion and they will start following your page at least to keep reading your answers to their questions.

4. Add visuals

Did you know that readers become more engaged if an article contains images or videos? You should definitely add them to your posts. Of course, the choice of the visual content always depends on you. You can add the photos of your team, of the goods that you sell, and even funny memes that will make your readers laugh. Some social networks, however, presuppose that you should post only images or videos, for example, Instagram or YouTube. You can leave links to them in your posts on Facebook, thus, connecting your social networks.

5. The quality does matter

Some think that social media users do not care about the quality of the articles and posts. In fact, your audience notices every single mistake. Moreover, if you make a lot of mistakes, your post may be considered unprofessional by the readers. We believe that this is not your intention. That’s why for your posts and articles it’s better to use a professional service of proofreading an article. When using these services, you may be certain that you have polished your content and no one will find a single mistake there.

Proofreading services are obligatory for everyone who writes long reads and posts for the social media that are seen by many visitors. Of course, you should pay some money for such services but they are definitely worth it.

Always keep in mind that no matter what kind of an article you create, you need to make it interesting for your visitors. If they find that the material is useful and if they like the way you present your ideas, they will definitely subscribe to your page and will click on every single article that you post.

Lori Wade is a freelance content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google+ or find her on other social media. Read and take in Lori’s useful insights!

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