10 Tips To Engage Customers And Boost Business This Summer

10 Tips To Engage Customers And Boost Business This SummerSummer means sun, fun and vacation for many people. The season can bring a serious sales slump for your business, though. This year, combat slow summer sales with 10 tips.

1. Embrace the Season

Because you can’t close your doors for the slow summer season, implement seasonal marking strategies. They invite customers to interact with your brand and may even boost sales. Decorate your retail location with beach balls and bright summer colors. Host an event or sale that coincides with summer holidays like Memorial Day, July Fourth and Christmas in July. Create and post social media content that relates to seasonal cookouts, baseball and beach trips.

2. Invest in Tourists

One in three Americans takes an annual vacation, reports AAA. Invest in the local tourist industry as you introduce your company to new customers and expand your audience and influence. Buy an advertise in local visitor guides. Partner with hotels, tour companies and other businesses that cater to tourists. Include your business in the Chamber of Commerce map given to tourists.

3. Boost the Value of Your Products or Services

You may think that cutting prices will improve revenue, but boost the value customers receive instead of compromising your worth. With extra value, you improve engagement, build brand goodwill and increase sales. For example, give away a branded item with every $30 purchase, offer a free service when customers purchase a bundle or give customers a referral discount.

4. Host a Contest on Social Media

Engage your audience and boost excitement with a contest held completely through your company’s social media channels. A contest improves your customer connection, increases social media page views and encourages sales throughout the summer. Plus, it also increases goodwill toward your brand. Give away a product to a random customer who comments on your posts. Challenge customers to share pictures of how they use your products. Invite customers to post testimonials of how your services help them during the summer season.

5. Engage in Local Events

Many communities host summer events such as festivals, fairs or block parties. Get involved as you serve your community, improve brand recognition and promote your business. Host a game booth at the county fair. Hand out branded items to runners who enter the charity 5K. Staff a food stand at the neighborhood block party.

6. Introduce a New Product

Instead of waiting until autumn to release or test new products, complementary services or marketing strategies, create excitement and build engagement with a summer release date. Whether you write books, create videos or sell clothing, you can get an edge on your competition and attract attention when you offer something unexpected.

7. Throw a Party

Create excitement, encourage your customers and staff to have fun, and improve goodwill, engagement and sales with a party. For the best exposure, open it to the public. Mail invitations to your customers and advertise the party online. Include free activities like refreshments, music, games, and giveaways. Send your VIP customers a coupon or host an exclusive after-hours event to reward them for their loyalty.

8. Initiate a Business Partnership

A collaboration presentation with another business or businesses expands your brand’s reach and influence. You also gain valuable perks throughout the year thanks to this partnership. Try advertising on each other’s websites, host a joint event or offer a discount to customers who spend a certain amount at both of your stores.

9. Go Outside

Take advantage of the warm weather and move your business outside. Place products in front of your retail store, host a sidewalk sale or fill a water bowl for your customers’ four-legged friends. These and other ideas expand your retail store space, catch the attention of potential customers and introduce your products to a new audience.

10. Prepare for the Busy Season

Think ahead and make a list of activities you can do to prepare for the upcoming busy season. For example: Update your email list. Optimize your social media profiles and content. Build a branded app.

While these tasks may not boost sales now, they do strengthen your business for the upcoming busy season.

Summer sales may slump, but your business can overcome this trend. Use these 10 tips to interact with your audience, maintain engagement and boost your sales all summer.

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