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https://zeplin.io This is a quick demo video for Zeplin. For questions/suggestions: hi@zeplin.io.


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  1. Major PowellMajor Powell05-17-2017

    Zeplin looks very promising. Even better than the Sketch plugins because it doesn't modify the source document for specs. And it looks like it does colors and icons too. This is really cool! Hopefully I'll get a chance to try out the beta. Great product and nice video.

  2. ZeplinZeplin05-17-2017

    If you’ve been waiting for a beta invite, we have an offer at @ProductHunt right now, go go! http://www.producthunt.com/posts/zeplin-2 

  3. Michael AlaevMichael Alaev05-17-2017

    Looks interesting, it reminds me of invisionapp in some way. Let's take this app for a test-drive.

  4. Edward SmithEdward Smith05-17-2017

    Really cool, makes me wish I had Sketch to play with it. Can't wait. If anyone needs a invite message me. #AndroidDesign   #AndroidDev  

  5. Andrey BurovAndrey Burov05-17-2017

    Does it supports Flex layout or inline icons?

  6. Antonio CózarAntonio Cózar05-17-2017

    This is awesome!

  7. Bohdan SaloBohdan Salo05-17-2017

    Perfectly) I am very grateful

  8. snriud leesnriud lee05-17-2017

    thank you for the awesome app, easy to use, very useful.

  9. Deep VoraDeep Vora05-17-2017

    How i can work with Zeplin in Windows? I want to open .sketch file in Zeplin on Windows machine

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